Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jeff is Going to Russia!

What is with my friends getting awesome missions?!  Well, I guess every mission is awesome.  But still, it is pretty amazing that Jeff will be preaching the gospel in the Moscow, Russia Mission!

You can imagine Jeff's anticipation after Bailey's call came unexpectedly early.  Luckily the wait wasn't long, as his call showed up in his mailbox today!  So we all went over to his house in the evening where we watched him open that iconic white envelope...

Everyone kind of thought that Jeff would go somewhere Spanish speaking, considering he's fluent in the language.  But Jeff's mom has always though he's going to Russia, and that was actually also my guess for years and years.  Even Jeff's brother must have thought so, since he sent him a Russian Book of Mormon last year, the only reason being that he felt like he'd need it.  How interesting!  The Lord definitely knows exactly where each missionary should be placed.  It would be convenient for Jeff to go somewhere Spanish speaking, but there must be something important for him to accomplish in Moscow!

Jeff will report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on August 12th, where he will learn how to successfully preach the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and learn the absolutely overwhelming language of Russian.  Thank goodness for the gift of tongues!  And thank goodness for this young man who I can call my best friend.  He's been an amazing example to me for years and years, and I know that he will do the most wonderful things in Russia.

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