Friday, April 10, 2015

More Exploring

Goblin Valley is the coolest place!  It is so unique.  I love how Utah has gorgeous green mountains, but also awesome red rock canyons.  It was really fun to climb on all of the rocks and explore the vast expanse of interesting rock formations!

We kept finding ourselves sitting on rocks and just staying there to chat for long periods of time.  I'm telling you, those rocks are freaking comfortable!

I was surprised with how many trails there were.  We followed one way back into the depths of the valley, and it was nice because there weren't very many people.  And because of the trail, we didn't even have to worry about getting lost!

There were some amazing views to be seen!  Really, the park was breathtaking.  I'm glad that my friends and I were able to visit Goblin Valley today.  It was super fun, and definitely worth the 8 hours of driving!

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