Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Semester is Over!

Let's throw it back to my first day of Distance Education...

I can't believe that was a whole school year ago!  I started the year anxious to get it over with, but now I don't know where it went.  But that's cool I guess!

I took my last final today, so I am pleased to announce that I am officially done with school for the year!  Until fall that is, but you know what I mean.  The only high school class I took was Organic Chemistry last semester, so all I have left now is seminary every other day.  I am feeling so free!

It's kind of weird though, because all of my friends are still in school and everyone else I like is working.  So school time has turned into catch up time for me, full of blogging, cleaning, and occasionally falling asleep on accident!  It is super nice, but I'm still excited for it to be officially summer because then I can spend more time with my friends.

So yeah.  My semester is over and I couldn't be more relieved to stop stressing about finals!

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