Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Road Tripping With My Friends

My friends and I decided that we couldn't let a week of Spring Break go to waste without doing something exciting!  Luckily we live in the most beautiful state in the country, and we decided that a day trip to the mystical Goblin Valley would be a quality use of our time.

So what did that mean?  A road trip!  Yay!  I seriously love road trips.  I can sit in a car for hours and hours and hours without even getting bored because I love watching out the window and talking to people!  That being said, I can hardly imagine a better situation than a road trip with my very best friends.

These are pictures from a stop on our way to Goblin Valley.  Jeff, Bailey, and I all took turns driving, but there still comes times where you need to get out and walk around!  Plus Ethan and I were drawn to a series of signs along the road by a turn out.  We love reading things so of course we had to stop, read, and do some exploring!

Ethan almost fell of a mountain.  Again.

Like I said, car rides are the best.  We had enough Pillow Pets to hang out with, and even more quality music from the collections of Madi and Jeff (including the Titanic soundtrack and a CD our photography teacher created with her own vocal talent).  Our only struggle was that sometimes it was hard for the people in front to hear the people in back of Jeff's car, but it was nothing that a homemade megaphone couldn't fix!

It was a top-notch road trip if I do say so myself!  I'll tell you all about Goblin Valley in the next post, but for now I will leave you with this picture of us at Winger's.  Nobody told us that the nearest food (and gas for that matter - we seriously almost ran out!) was two hours away from our destination, so we spent our day in hunger.  We stopped at Winger's on the way back, and I swear food has never tasted so good!

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