Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Night (Seafood & Ice Cream)

Spring Break has been long but good.  I have no opinion about going back to school because I really do like the place.  But it has been fun being able to stay up late and do nothing with my friends all day!

To conclude Spring Break, my parents decided to take us all out for some messy seafood.  Let's just say it was quite the experience!  They had been reminiscing about our Seattle trip a couple of Spring Breaks past, and were craving the restaurant that dumps a pot of seafood on your table.  So they did some research and found a place in Salt Lake City that does a similar thing!  Of course, the fish weren't caught this morning like they were in Seattle, but it was still amazingly delicious.

I wish I got some pictures of the actual food, but you will just have to enjoy these pictures of us wearing our attractive and much needed bibs.  You can't exactly pull out a camera when your hands are marinating in various sauces.

We tried mussels, clams, crab, crawfish, and shrimp.  We got all of the different sauces, but on the crawfish we decided to try the hottest sauce they had.  It was insane!  Us girls tried it and were practically crying.  The boys persevered through the pile of crawfish with red faces and burning lips.  I can't believe that they could do that - I only ate one and almost died!

It was really fun.  I do love these people of mine, and this experience of ours together was super entertaining.  We all give the place a good review, and would for sure go back!

After eating the super spicy seafood, we decided that we need to combat the heat with some ice cream.  Makes sense.  We went to an old Iceberg which was super cute!  We had to wait for forty minutes to get our ice cream, but it was fun to sit around together.  And it was a nice evening other than the fact that it was cold!

So yeah!  Tonight was a perfectly lovely way to spend the last day of Spring Break!  Even if my hands still smell like fish...

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