Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Splatter Painting

For a future art major, I am definitely not competent in the field of art...  I'm not too worried though, because college will help!

This semester I've been taking an art class and I've really been enjoying it.  I absolutely love the professor, who lectures the whole class period right from his brilliant mind.  Seriously, he is one smart dude and he knows how to make things interesting.  Not that art needs to be made interesting, because it already is!  Though it is mostly an art history class, we have had three art projects to complete.  One was creating a design, one was a perspective drawing (which I was actually quite proud of), and this last one we had more freedom on.  We had several options, one of them being a photography assignment which is more my kind of art.  But I wanted to challenge myself, and decided to make a Jackson Pollock inspired painting!

Thus, a splatter painting evening was declared.

I did some research and I guess a lot of people like to splatter paint by blowing paint through straws.  Though the technique mostly resulted in large blobs of paint and fine mists of saliva, it is mostly the technique that we used.  We got pretty good, and I think that the final product turned out well despite the limited colors of paint we had!

I think that what I am most proud of are our splatters of glow in the dark paint.  I feel like it really pulls the entire piece together and perhaps even adds some symbolism.  Not really, though.  Haha, but hopefully the glow in the dark paint makes up for the fact that my canvas is an inch smaller than it should be!

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