Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Gardens Are Open!

I am absolutely ecstatic because the Thanksgiving Point Gardens have opened back up for the season!

I wanted to go on opening day with Jen and my mom, but last Saturday was actually quite busy.  Luckily for me, I have a lovely friend who is so willing to skip fourth period and go to the gardens with me!  We figured that fresh air and nature is better for your health than sitting in class, right?

My gosh, the gardens are as beautiful as ever.  Late summer is my favorite time to go, of course, because everyone forgets about the gardens by then and you are the only ones there.  But spring is so pretty, I loved seeing everything bloom!  And the blossoming trees are amazing!

I just had to tell you about this excursion because it was a quality one indeed.  It was rejuvenating to get a dose of nature, as I really do believe that it can work magic on a person.  And talking to Sarah is always the best!  She and I definitely needed to catch up!

So yes.  Beautiful day.  Spring is coming on full force and I'm pretty excited!

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