Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Visiting Temple Square

Spring break got off to a rough start yesterday morning, but I am so grateful for my wonderful friends who know exactly how to cheer me up!

Bailey, Eths, and I spent all of yesterday walking around Temple Square, and it was so beautiful!  It was actually kind of cold out there, thanks to the wind, but it still felt like spring with all of the pretty flowers blooming about.

I would have taken a million pictures if I had grabbed my camera that morning!  Luckily Ethan had his, so we were able to get that gem above.  You'll just have to take my word for it that Temple Square is beautiful this time of year (well, it is always beautiful, but spring is pretty cool).  Definitely head up there if you get a chance!

We visited the Visitors Centers on the temple grounds and chatted with a lot of the sister missionaries.  They are all so nice and cute!  Ethan was constantly on the lookout for Chinese sisters to talk to, and it was crazy listening to his fluent conversations with them in Mandarin.  I seriously need to work on my Mandarin, I could hardly understand anything they were saying!

We decided that we might as well see Meet the Mormons while we were there because none of us had ever seen it before.  It think it is cool that it plays in all of the Visitors Centers!  I actually quite liked it.  It was made just like any other documentary, not to shove our beliefs down anyone's throats but rather to just show that Mormons are normal people too.  I recommend it!

It was a fun time, and my car didn't even break down so we were definitely blessed.  The evening ended in some quality pizza and a trip to the Salt Lake Roasting Company for lime Italian sodas!

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