Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Another Day of Disneyland

I'm convinced that two days in Disneyland is perfect, but none of my family believed me and so we planned for a third day at the park.  And I'm actually pretty glad that we did, because never before have I had downtime at the place.  You know, time to do all of the weird random things that I've never done before!

It was just my mom and I for a good portion of the day, and us two ladies had a lovely time doing slow things like going on the Mark Twain boat and watching Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.  Haha, I wouldn't necessarily recommend either of those things if you don't have an abundance of time, but if you are in need of a nap then they are perfect!

We also took a good hour eating lunch.  Because really, Disneyland food is really great (and really overpriced, but it is food so you have to buy it).

We did meed up with Seiji and Kylie for parts of the day!  Like I've mentioned before, I really love how they're into the little kid stuff.  We decided to ride the carousel!  Love that thing.

Because we weren't already full enough (actually, we were), Kylie and I bought some more Dole Whip and met Seiji and my mom at a restaurant where we ate deep fried everything.  It was some pretty good food, even though those Monte Cristo sandwiches could quite possible kill you.  They almost killed Kylie, actually.  We had to take a rest after dinner so that she wouldn't blow up, and got some pictures while we were at it!

We didn't really know what to do with ourselves afterwards, so we hit some of our favorite rides again.  We weren't quite ready to leave such a magical place!

Eventually we did leave, though. We ended our evening with It's a Small World, which my mom claims is "quintessential Disneyland".  You know, a visit to Disneyland is a really magical experience.  People are so nice there and you can't help but be happy!  I'm glad I was able to go on this trip with my family.  Every time I go there's something new I haven't noticed before, and lots of memories to be brought back.

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