Saturday, May 23, 2015

Camping With the Holmes

Bailey's family is so fun!  They invited me to join them on a camping trip for Memorial Day weekend, so this morning we hit the road heading for Goblin Valley!

I really appreciated the cow sitting on the mirror.  He had a protective aura.

We got to where we would camp and it was super rainy, but it soon enough subsided.  Camp was set up and I could hardly believe what Bailey was planning to sleep in!  He slept under this tarp on a cot.  He wouldn't admit that it was cold, but I'm quite positive it was freezing.

I got to stay in this completely adorable trailer.  It was quite cozy!

We hung around camp for the rest of the day.  There were lots of things to do!  Bailey and I took a bunch of his nieces on an exploring type of hike.  It was perilous and really pretty!

Around camp we hung out with the kids more and Bailey practiced his slingshot skills.

This is Gracie.  She is seriously the cutest!  She was my best friend throughout the whole trip, haha.

Camping is a matter of just hanging around, usually, so we did just that.  Here are some random pictures I got from the trip, like when Bailey was chopping wood and when he tried to convert me to pork skins (ew).

It was a really fun camping trip!  I liked it a lot, and I think I'm getting better at camping.  I've always loved it, but sitting around camp can sometimes get tough.  But I think I'm starting to embrace the laid-back style of the recreation.  I'll post more about the actually Valley tomorrow, but I'll finish this post by saying that I had a lot of fun, so a sincere thanks to the wonderful Holmes family for letting me tag along!

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