Sunday, May 3, 2015


Even though I was just at Disneyland last year, the place is always so magical!  Though I must admit that I was most excited about Kylie.  She's been super super excited for this vacation ever since we booked, and before that Disneyland had always been her dream!  So it was super fun today to show her around and see her reactions to things.

We got up really early in the morning to be sure to get there before the crowds.  We waited for the shuttle for a good twenty minutes before we decided that we were too impatient to wait any longer!  So, we started walking to Disneyland.

The walk wasn't long, thankfully, and we were able to get into the park quick enough!  My mom ran off to pull some fast passes, and us three kids walked right onto the Indiana Jones ride.  That one was closed last year, so I hadn't seen it in a long while.  I love that ride!

We spent the rest of the day getting onto rides pretty quick.  We were pleased with how few people there were!  Of course, "few" for Disneyland is still a TON of people, but when you don't have to wait any longer than 20 minutes in line, you know picked a good time to come.

Splash Mountain!  We put Kylie in the front since it was her first time, haha.

Luckily my family is like me and won't skip over all of the "little kid" rides.  I just feel so much nostalgia going on all of the story rides in Fantasyland!  And Winnie the Pooh is always a good one.  Ahh.  Childhood.

We are always sure to get some "in the moment" teacup pictures!  Seiji can spin that thing so fast, it is actually quite sickening.

We were at the park until almost midnight!  We explored the whole place and hit pretty much every ride we wanted to.  The Haunted Mansion closes tomorrow so we actually went on it twice.  That is for sure my favorite ride!  It is so pretty!

We also got cliche pictures and ate everything that looked good.

I was super tired by the end of the day.  But it was definitely a good one!

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