Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Favorites of our Disneyland Trip

You may have thought that I was done talking about our Disneyland trip... but my friends, you have been mistaken.  There are just a few more things that I need to blog about, like our visit to Medieval Times for dinner!

Look at those stylish hats!  My dad forgot he was wearing his crown and checked into our hotel wearing it, but I'm sure that's not the weirdest things those hotel lobby guys have seen.

Anyway, Medieval Times was fun as usual!  I mean, it doesn't change much and I don't think I will be able to sit through it for a couple more years, but it was fun being there with my family.  Kylie got pretty excited about it all (she's never been there before), and the food was good, so I quite enjoyed myself!

Speaking of good food, let's talk about this salad that is inside of a waffle.  Yeah, you read that right, and here is a picture of what my lunch was on Saturday.  I ordered a salad, but I'm pretty sure I was supposed to eat it like a sandwich so I did.  It was actually pretty delicious, the mushrooms and goat cheese really added to the delicacy.  I ate it all no problem, but looking back on it now I think I will avoid ever consuming such a thing again.  Good experience though!

I couldn't be more happy with the rooming arrangements!  Since I'm the only one in the family not married these days, I thought I was doomed to a week of sleeping on a cot.  Much to my surprise (a pleasant surprise, at that), there was a fold out couch just waiting for me at the hotel.  And quite separated from the rest of the room, so I basically had my own private living quarters!

Shoutout to my Sketchers.  I freaking love these shoes.  I bought them for China last year and while wearing them I feel like I am truly walking on a cloud.  Kylie wore the same shoes and she has to agree!  Plus we look good matching.

She was also matching with Seiji!  Don't they look so cute in their matching sweatshirts!?  I screeched a little when I saw them in them.

Annnndd that's it.  Our trip was awesome!

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