Friday, May 22, 2015

Favorites Of The Week

Because we got scholarships, Jeff, Eths, Kylee, and I were recognized at our school's Evening of Excellence.  It was a long program, but it was fun to be there with my friends!

Kylee had a birthday dinner and it was so fun and delicious!  She got a selfie stick from her parents, and I do believe it will change her life.

Bailey made me a pen!  It isn't the one pictured below, it is actually a lighter color, but this picture has our faces in it so that's cool.

Cold Stone!  I love that place!  And I love my friends.

SkillsUSA was in charge of hosting a dance this week, so of course the presidency was expected to help set up and everything.  We were getting a little hungry during the process, so it was a relief when the Godfather of Skills came by with some cake to share!  We just ate it with our hands.

We did escape at some point for a trip to Wild Zucchini.  And the dance was actually pretty fun!

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