Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Goodbye, My Childhood...

Today is my last day as a child, so I would like to give an official farewell to these past 18 years.  I do believe I have had the best childhood.

Ah yes, cute little Madi!  My childhood started from humble beginnings in a 100 year old house soon to be torn down to widen a road.  So when I was three years old, we moved into the neighborhood that I still live in today!  From the very beginning I was really close to my family.  My dad was definitely my best friend, and Seiji and I got along unusually well.  And of course, my mom has always been one of my favorites!

When I was 8 I was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which has been a huge part of my life.  I'm still really active in the church today, and it has helped shape me into who I have become.  I owe all of my standards and beliefs to the church, and find comfort in being led by the spirit which I received when I was so young!

When I was a kid, I was very scared of everything.  I had all sorts of anxieties and fears which made me not even be able to function when I was alone because I was so afraid of who knows what.  I remember one night I woke up in the middle of it and just started crying because I realized that someday, everyone I know will die.  It was some crazy child thing.  I had serious problems with fear, but over the course of time I learned to manage and even overcome it.  I had a lot of support, of course!  Seiji was probably my greatest comfort during my scared times, as he let me sleep in his room every single night for a long while.  Despite all of my fears, though, I would say that I was a happy child.

One thing that I am so grateful to my parents for is that they encouraged me to try everything and learn all that I could.  They supported me through art classes, violin, gymnastics, ballet, fencing, voice lessons, archery, theater, choir, sewing, running, singing, photography, SkillsUSA, and so many more things than I can even remember.  I have tried a lot of things over the course of my years, and have learned so much about myself and what I am truly interested in along the way.

My mom has always been my hero and the person that I look up to.  Someday, like her, I will become a mom, and through her example to me through my childhood I hope that I can become as strong as she has been.  We are both really independent, and my mom has taught me to embrace that and has taught me how to do what is best for myself as well as others around me.  She's taught me to be my own person, and that I never have to prove anything to anyone because as long as I'm trying to be the best that I can be, I am doing well.

I guess I should give a shoutout to my awkward tween and early teenage years.  I wasn't an awkward kid at first, but once sixth grade hit I caught some sort of disease that made me the weirdest person ever until mid 8th grade.  Be grateful if you didn't know me throughout that period of time.  Though I guess I had to have those awkward years to become the non-awkward person that I am now!  Ha.  Who am I kidding - I'm still pretty awkward.  But not obnoxiously so.

Near the middle of 8th grade I started figuring myself out, and I'd say that's when I started becoming the person I am now.  Well, after my brief hippie phase.

Through my years in school I made so many friends!  Some have stayed, some have gone, but I know that it is sometimes best to grow apart from other people and that it is always good to make new friends.  Every person that I befriended has made an impact in my life, and I'm grateful for them all!

I have been to so many amazing places throughout my childhood.  I've been truly blessed to have been the places I've been and to have seen the things I've seen.  I'm glad that my grandpa's sense of adventure has been passed on to me, and I am glad that I've had experiences traveling through my childhood so that I can be confident to travel throughout my adult years!

As anyone's has, my childhood has been a series of events that have shaped me into who I am now.  I wouldn't say that these past 18 years have been particularly easy, but with the help of friends and family I have come to realize how truly amazing life is, and that we cannot take it for granted.  As I start my adult years I will remember these things, and hopefully make these upcoming years some good ones!

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