Friday, May 29, 2015

Graduation Festivities

Like she did for Seiji's graduation last year, my mom threw us graduates one quality backyard fire party!  My backyard is so dreamy these summer evenings, it was wonderful to put it to good use.

The multitudes of people started showing up, and we all feasted upon all sorts of delicious things.  It was fun to visit with everyone!

Even Shakee joined in on the fun!  But he's getting old, so he mostly just slept.

Bailey and Liam are best friends.  In matching shirts!

It wasn't long before it got dark, so I pulled out my stash of sparklers (kept mostly for photography purposes) and we had a grand old time.

We also finally got to use the Christmas present Kylie got me.  It was stuff that you pour into your fire to make it turn mystical colors!

It was such a fun party, I feel like we need to host many more.  I was glad everyone came to our humble little gathering, it was the perfect way to start off summer!

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