Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Birthday, Kylee!

Oh my dear Kylee friend
Though it may seem that my poem days have come to an end
I have one more coming from my heart
Because in my life, you've been a big part.

We met at the tender age of ten
Back when we didn't really care about men
We hit it off quick and were friends from the start
Good thing we were in the class for kids who are smart!

Throughout the years, our friendship grew,
We stuck with old frineds, and made some new
But throughout all the chapters and stages in life,
You stayed by my side, though you weren't my wife.

We had lots of fun times in Jr. High
We went shopping lots, and ugly things we'd buy
We made some good videos and got some good pics
And got into music, a nice hipster mix.

High school was a highlight, that is for sure
I'll never forget our California tour
China was awesome, let's not neglect that
Especially with that transformative hat!

Now we are Seniors and soon must part
But the beginning of our lives, it's time to start
So thank you for your friendship, and for just being you
I'll never forget you, that much is true!

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