Saturday, May 2, 2015

Huntington Beach

This morning my family and I got up early and caught a flight to Los Angeles!  We plan on spending the next couple of days in Disneyland because Kylie hasn't been there since she was 3, so it is definitely time to fulfill her dream.

Instead of going to Disneyland in the middle of the day all tired and stuff, we decided that today would be a good day to hit the beach!  We got our rental car and went straight to Huntington Beach where we changed into our beach attire only to find that it was FREEZING on the shore!

I'm not one to avoid the water when it is cold, but throw wind in there and I will hide for days.  Wind is seriously the worst.  So I stayed close to the ground as Seiji and Kylie tested out the water, but they were soon to join me in the sand!  My whole family and I fell asleep for a while.  And woke up with sunburns on the back of our legs to prove it.

Soon enough we woke up and summoned the energy to put on pants (legs get cold in swimsuits).  Seiji, Kylie, and I proceeded to explore the pier!  It was super windy so picture taking was a struggle.

This is seriously the best picture ever.

I really liked being on the pier because of the various views you can get from it.  I was surprised with how far out it took us.  It was so pretty!

Along the way we met a friend.  What a nice bird.

Eventually we decided to leave the beach!  Which is always a sad thing.  Living in Utah, I'm deprived of the ocean.  So it is always special when I get to visit!

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