Thursday, May 28, 2015

I'm a Graduate!

Well, the day has finally come for me to graduate high school!  I've been waiting for this day my entire life, but now that it is here it's as if I haven't waited long at all.  I think I'm excited, but I don't really know.  But, life carries on so it doesn't even matter how I feel about this inevitable event!

The ceremony was long, but I didn't get bored.  Chanel and I are right next to each other in alphabetical order, so we sat together and just chatted and chatted the whole way through.  It was fun to catch up, it has been a couple of years!  I can't really recall what the speakers said except that they quoted the theme more than necessary.  Eventually we all had to wait backstage to go on and get our diplomas, and I thought that it was very fitting that the last teachers I saw were G and Dustin.  My most influential teachers!

At the end of the ceremony they showed the senior video, which Bailey mostly filmed and TShelt mostly put together.  They did an awesome job, I really enjoyed it!  I didn't get emotional like a good portion of the ladies around me, but it did make me feel some nostalgia for the good old high school days.

The ceremony started at 7:30 at night which of course was a ridiculous time considering everyone takes pictures afterwards.  Also, it was kind of hard to find my family, but luckily they were located and we got some reasonable pictures.

Yay family!  I was so grateful for their support, especially when I think about how painful it must have been to sit through 3 hours for one shining moment of my face on a screen.  But, I can always count on them!  I was happy to run into some of my friends after the ceremony as well, because I love those guys too.

What a lovely thing.  Even though we were all exhausted, my family decided that we can't miss out on this opportunity to celebrate!  So, we ended our evening at IHOP together.

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