Friday, May 15, 2015

I've Been Spoiled

When I was 5 I got Junie B. Jones books.  When I was 8 I got American Girl clothes.  You know you're an adult when you get presents like these for your birthday, and when you couldn't be more excited about them!

Ethan gave me the prettiest picture.  I've been wanting a temple picture in my room for like a year now, but I never actually went to buy one!  He heard me mention I wanted one months and months ago, and he never forgot which I think is really sweet.  What a pretty addition this is to my room and will be to my future home.  Plus it is a Taylor Yardley picture, and I know that guy!  He's a quality fellow so I'm proud to display his art.

I'm really digging this plant that Sarah gave me!  She and I have a love for plants, and so I'm super excited for this beautiful thing and for the opportunity to try keeping it alive.  I've accidentally killed four out of the eight plants I've owned in my lifetime, so the stats aren't good, but I'm much better now that I've learned to water plants every day and not drop them in the toilet on accident.

I'm actually a fan of the weird coloring in this picture.  Not even going to fix it.

My favorite gift is what Bailey made for me!  He spent days and days in his garage workshop, building me this beautiful chest made out of cedar planks.

It's basically the prettiest thing I've ever seen, and the sweetest gift considering the time and effort he put into it!  It opens up and is currently filled with all sorts of books.  I love how it looks in my room, and it reminds me of Bailey so that's even better.  Plus it smells really good!

So basically, I've been spoiled this birthday and my room is feeling beautified.  I'm also super excited about the sheet music Kylee got me, and I love the periodic table phone case from Jeff!  Haha, now I will never be without elemental knowledge.  I'm so grateful for all of the lovely people who went out of their way to make my birthday a good one, even with just a birthday wish!  I seriously love you all.  Have a good day!

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