Sunday, May 17, 2015

Seminary Graduation

Tonight was Seminary Graduation!

For four years now, I've integrated a seminary class into my school schedule.  For the first couple of years (back when I was unreasonably responsible), I took early morning seminary before school even started.  Luckily, living in Utah and being surrounded by Mormons, I have had the option to take seminary during the school day, which is what I've been doing this year and last.

So I have officially completed four years of seminary, making me an official graduate!  One benefit of such is that there are several countries that will only accept missionaries who are graduates of seminary, just to be sure they know what they are talking about.  So, my options for where I'll be heading off to around this time next year are many, though I'm just happy to go wherever the Lord sends me!

Anyway, it's pretty strange to me that my days in seminary are over now.  I've really quite enjoyed it.  I started attending when I was a freshman, and back then I mostly just went because that's what was expected of me.  I liked it and all, but over the course of the years I started to realize how important it was to take seminary for myself and actually get all that I can out of it, rather than just going without putting in the effort to grow from the experience.  If that makes any sense.

I've had some amazing seminary teachers over the course of my years, my favorite probably being Brother Gentile, the most Christlike man I have ever met in my life.  I learned a lot about love from him, and how to have faith and hope even while going through the hardest of trials.

I've really liked Brother Johnson too, who is the seminary teacher I've had this semester.  We've been learning about the Doctrine & Covenants this year, which includes a lot about church history.  Brother Johnson has proved to be an incredible teacher, and every time I swear his lesson was made exactly for me to provide help in whatever situation I've been in!

All of my teachers have been good, of course, as they all teach by the spirit and truly care about us students.  Seminary has been an amazing experience for me, and if you have the opportunity to go then I highly recommend it!

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