Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Senior Dinner Dance

Oh Senior Week.  I always thought I'd do all of the activities, but never imagined that by this time I would be antisocial enough that I wouldn't necessarily want to hang out with the entire senior class.  So, the only senior things I'm planning on doing are the dinner dance and grad night!

Anyway, the Senior Dinner Dance was tonight, so I finally had a reason to wear the pretty dress that my mom bought me last summer!

It wasn't a date type thing, but Bailey showed up to my house and my mom of course had to snap some quality pictures of us.  It's kind of sad that these will be my last dance pictures in our side yard!  It's always such a pretty place.  Here is a picture of our pose when my mom told us to smell the flowers.

Anyway, we met up with the rest of our friends, and Kylee and I were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves in similar colored dresses!  Haha, things like this always tend to happen, and we always embrace the situation.

The rest of the evening consisted of subpar Costa Vida (real Costa Vida is better, believe me), dancing, getting tired, and dancing some more.  Since we carpooled, I was forced to stay the entire time which I suppose is a good thing.  It was a lot of fun just hanging around and partying with my favorite people!

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