Sunday, May 31, 2015

Starting Off Summer

Yesterday my friends and I decided to start off summer in the most quality way.  What could be more quality than rock climbing and food?!  Yup, we started off our day with a little excursion to Hansen Mountaineering where we put our rock climbing skills to the test.

It was my first time rock climbing since Morp, and my first time at this particular gym.  I really liked it there, it was small but definitely big enough for a beginner like me, and there were only two other people there.  It was some good stuff.

After rock climbing we went to Sub Zero to get some ice cream.  Their ice cream is the greatest!  We then went back to my house to meet up with some more friends and to make dinner.  Gyoza and sushi, of course.

Our main purpose of the evening was to learn how to make beignets.  Seiji, Kylie, and I tried them in Disneyland and thought that they were so good.  Turns out Allie knows how to make them, so she taught us how!  They were delicious!  We got pretty creative.

Kylie told me that she likes to look grumpy in pictures.  But don't worry, she never actually is.

After our cooking adventures, I was so sweetened out that I had to eat a pickle.

The rest of the evening consisted of playing video games (we love this game called Gang Beasts) and watching Princess and the Frog in honor of what we had just cooked.

We wore ourselves out, and by the end of the day we were completely exhausted.  Our evening ended with a beautiful fort built around a peacefully sleeping Ethan.

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