Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Valley of Goblins

Even though my friends and I just went there last month, I was excited to go back to Goblin Valley!  The place is really amazing, and so much fun to explore.  The first day of our camping trip we hung around camp, but today we spent the entirety of it in the park!

Bailey and I have a multitude of matching Skills shirts, so why not wear them on the same day?  We definitely looked liked tourists and it was kind of hilarious.

We had tons of fun hiking around and exploring the place with his family!  All of his nieces are super cute and his siblings are a lot of fun.

We just really couldn't get a reasonable picture.

My favorite thing we did was hike to the Goblin's Lair.  Everyone probably knows about that place except for me - I had never heard about it!  But dang, it was awesome.  It was a mile and something the opposite way one would normally go into the park, and you keep hiking until you get to this cave type thing.  It was probably dangerous to climb, but definitely worth it.

View from the inside.

It was seriously so pretty!  I loved how the light looked streaming in from above.

There were some little caves within the cave that we could walk/crawl through.  I really liked doing that, even though I kept hitting my head!

After the Goblin's Lair we hiked back to the parking lot and went back to camp from there.

That's all I have about our camping trip!  As mentioned, it was a mighty fine experience and the perfect way to spend Memorial Day weekend.  I had tons of fun!

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