Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Bike Ride

What a lovely day for a bike ride with some of my favorite friends!

A view like this always reminds me of Arcade Fire's video for "The Suburbs":

We all met at my grandma's and rode around the beautiful city of Draper!  The houses are all so different from each other there, we had lots of fun riding around the suburbs looking at them.  At some point we even found a bike trail!

Alli took this picture!  She's quite the photographer, I'd say.

Ethan found a little friend on the trail.  A ladybug who didn't necessarily want to be caught...

He did catch her, though, and while we tried to get a group picture he dropped his bug and had to of course save her!  So most of our group shots look like this...

It was kind of hot outside, but the perfect day for bike riding nonetheless.

We had a joyous time!

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