Monday, June 29, 2015

Blogging Plans

So my goal was to blog throughout my whole high school life.  And I did!  It got to be tedious at times, but I knew I'd appreciate it later.  Unfortunately you'll find on my blog lots of filler posts, such as puns of the day, just because I needed a post every day (and sometimes nothing exciting happened!).  Well, those days are over!  I always planned to slow down my blogging after high school, and at the beginning of the month I really didn't think I would end up blogging every day.  But apparently I've had a busy summer, haha.

Things in my life are going to slow down now, and you will be sad to hear that you do not get a daily post.  Shame, shame.  Really though, I'm only going to post journal style, to document my life and say what I want to say.  So some weeks I'll post lots, and some weeks I will only post once.  Just depending on what is going on!

I will proceed this way until my mission, which isn't until next summer.  Then you will only get a weekly post of my whereabouts, as I'll have my mom post my weekly emails on this blessed site.

And those are my blogging plans!  Thanks to all of my loyal stalkers who have been with me from the beginning.

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