Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Downtown Louisville

My competition is over and I couldn't be happier!  I feel like I presented our display well, and that our chances are reasonably good if the judges don't mind our broken TV, haha.  I don't really care if they do, though, I'm just happy I can quit being nervous and devote the rest of the week to having fun!

The bus system was really simple this year, so instead of taking our usual bus 10, Bailey and I decided to take bus 1 and head to downtown Louisville!

We didn't even know where to start!  We were surrounded by delicious looking restaurants (we were getting sick of convention center food), cool shops, museums of all sorts, and the Ohio River.  We walked down the river for a bit before we explored the streets.

I really do love cities!  They all have their unique personalities and styles.

This is my favorite picture.

We decided to stop by the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and it was strange indeed.  We were expecting your typical art museum with classical pieces as well as modern, but this place was over the top modern and pretty interesting!  We didn't spend much time there, but I'm glad we checked it out.

By then we were pretty hungry, so we went to a Mexican restaurant that we spotted.  We seriously love Mexican food so much.  And this place did not disappoint!

After lunch we went to an army surplus store that was so pretty.  It didn't seem very big, but it leads you to the back and it was so cool!  I liked how poorly lit it was, it was the perfect atmosphere for digging through old grenades and things.  The cutest 90-something year old guy owned the shop, and saw me looking at a backpack.  He said, "that is an exact replica of what I wore on my back in the 50s!" and so of course I had to buy it.


The rest of our day was spent at an amazing museum that I will tell you about tomorrow, and some more general exploring of Main street.  It was a super fun day!

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