Sunday, June 28, 2015

Favorites of SkillsUSA Nationals

Here are just some more random things that happened throughout the week.  It was all so much fun!

These were my roommates this week!  I chose to room with the video girls because I really like them and they are not crazy like most girls, haha.  As expected, they turned out to be the best roommates!  They enjoyed sleep as much as I do, and did not take five hour long showers.  Quality women.

We had to buy our own nationals shirts this year, but that is okay because the design on them is awesome.  While looking in the shop for them, we came across these beauties and just had to buy!  SkillsUStatoos!

On the last day, my friends and I walked to Noodles & Co.  Here is your latest and probably final Asian picture.  We had to take a picture with these chopstick wrappers!

Instead of bumming around the hotel, waiting for the bus to take us to the airport, Bailey and I decided to do some local exploring.  We found a fabric shop where I bought some cat fabric, and we walked through the prettiest nursery!

The video teacher from AF told us all about this meal which was called "hot brown".  Apparently it started in Louisville, so we decided to spend a little extra money to try it in the hotel it was created at.  The restaurant was so fancy and 20s looking!

The city was my favorite part of the trip.  This is the only picture I got of us there!

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