Saturday, June 20, 2015

Favorites Of The Week

Snow cones!  Ethan leaves for China pretty soon here, so we've got to eat snow cones together while we still can.

Ethan and I also visited Sarah at work.  We brought her flowers to apologize for the fact that we didn't bring her a snow cone.

We also got tacos because I randomly crave them!

Bailey was in Salt Lake City all week, filming the Miss Utah festivities.  I got to visit him!  We had a lunch date and walked around Temple Square for a bit.

I even got to stay to watch the pageant!  It was really interesting, that is for sure.

We helped Ethan with his Eagle Project!  We traveled up to Salt Lake City and painted a wall at a refugee center.  It was fun, I actually love painting walls.

While we were in Salt Lake, we thought we might as well hit a taco truck and check out a belly dancing store that Sarah likes.

I highly approve of this chair Bailey's brother got for his dad for father's day.


Anonymous said...

That chair is hilarious!! I'm lol! ���� Omg I'm seriously dying. You are too funny ��

Madi Riye said...

Haha, it is quite the father's day present isn't it?!

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