Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gilgal Garden

Today us ladies visited Gilgal Garden in Salt Lake City.  What an exceptionally unusual place!  Really!

A sphinx with Joseph Smith's face on it?  I would consider that kind of sacrilegious if I didn't know the back story.  I guess the guy who made this garden was pretty religious.  He was Mormon, and all of these strange sculptures are based on doctrine or something.  The symbolism of the sphinx, for example, is how sphinxes were always these mystical mysterious things, but with the priesthood and our church which was restored by Joseph Smith here, those mysteries have been unlocked!  Makes sense.  But still kind of strange, haha.

It's not that big of a garden, and it is tucked away right between two houses, but I'm really glad we stopped by because it was for sure noteworthy!

If you are ever in Salt Lake City, out of things to do, stop by this garden.  I wouldn't make it a priority, that's for sure, but it was fun to see!

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