Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hiking Stewart Falls

On Thursdays Alli is at our grandma's house, which brings her pretty close to mine!  Now that it is summer, I decided that we should be taking advantage of that.  So we declared Thursdays as our adventure days, and started off on the right foot today with a beautiful hike!

I think today was actually supposed to be a cooking day, but we decided to hike up to a waterfall instead, since we shouldn't be spending these beautiful summer days inside.  Though I've done it twice before, Stewart Falls seemed like the most appropriate hike for our mood!

That glorious picture above is our "pre-hike" selfie, and we got a ton more pictures on our way up!

Meadows and aspen trees are my favorite!  Especially when wildflowers are everywhere to be seen.

The hike isn't very treacherous, so we eventually did make it to the falls.  Ethan reminisced upon the time he fell off a cliff there and was left with a beat up face, so we were sure to be more careful this time.

Alli and I wore our matching socks!

Though the water was freezing cold, and the air was very cool near the falls, we couldn't resist the urge to sit in the water and even climb the rocks!

Photocred to Alli on this one.  Such a cool shot!

Eths spent a lot of time taking pictures.  It really was so beautiful up there!

Alli also took this picture!

Eventually we decided it was time to head back.  So, we set off on our way!  A nice dog blazed the trail for us.

Ethan ran off ahead of us and after a little while we started getting a confused as to where he could be.  We continued on, and at some point looked over to see Ethan way off in the distance, standing on that concrete circle!

We hurried to catch up to him and found ourselves at the end of our hike.  What a perfect way to spend such a beautiful summer day!

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