Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It's Gone...

I'm generally a pretty humble person, but I will say that I had some seriously majestic, awesome long hair, as did my sister Kylie.

I've kept my hair long for years and years!  But, this evening I was looking up a music video on YouTube, and this video popped up and for some reason I clicked on it.  When I was in 4th grade I donated my hair, so I guess I was kind of curious about the process of what happens afterward.

I guess I'm easily moved, because a couple hours later I found myself labeling an envelope for Wigs for Kids!

Okay, sorry, I skipped ahead.  So I watched the video, then went to go hang out with Seiji and Kylie.  The video was still on my mind, because I mentioned to Kylie that we should think about cutting and donating our hair.  We started thinking about it more and more, and realized that that is kind of what we wanted to do.  But we weren't sure!  We stood there staring in the mirror and were like, "but our hair is so awesome!" and "but some little girl would love it so much more than we do".  It was quite the inner battle, but Seiji, casually playing a game, said, "Sis, you could look cute with long hair.  Or you could make some little girl really happy."  Right then I realized that he was right.  If some little girl would appreciate and benefit from my hair much more than I could, why should I feel so inclined to keep it?

Of course, hair is a big thing and for some reason it means a lot to us, especially when we've spent so much time growing it out.  But, for that very same reason is why I felt I should imagine myself in some other girl's shoes, a girl who has lost her hair against her will.  Because I'm so attached to my long hair is why I'm willing to give it up; because I understand that it could mean a lot to some other girl.

So, we went on a long drive back to my house from Seiji and Kylie's, and followed the steps to get our hair cut off to donate!  We could have done it at a salon, but we wanted to do it ourselves for the full effect.  I made Kylie cut off her ponytail first, and when she did I burst out crying, haha.  I composed myself quickly, though.  I'm over it.

A couple minutes later, all of our hair was short and that was that!  We will get our hair evened out at a salon tomorrow morning, and most likely miss and mourn over the loss of our hair.  But that is okay, because if it makes even just one girl happy, it will have been worth it!

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