Friday, June 26, 2015

Kentucky Kingdom

The amusement park evening is always a fun part of SkillsUSA Nationals!  It was kind of nice, the park was right across from the convention center, so I didn't even feel lost going there.  It was a reasonably fun park, though I wish we had brought our swimming suits.  It was also a water park, and it was so hot outside!

At the top of the Ferris Wheel!

With the crowds of competitors (the whole park was rented out just for us), the lines were really long, so we didn't hit that many rides.  But that is okay, because it was fun to hang out with and talk to Bailey all evening!

Eventually the evening cooled down (or maybe the rapids ride just cooled us down) and we ran into some of our friends.

We shared the good word of the gospel with some random lady in line, and made the historic roller coaster our last stop.  It pretty much gave us all whiplash, but it was lots of fun!

And that was all that we did!  Other than eat some horrible food.  Such a fun night!

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