Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ladies Trip 2015

Now you may be wondering what us ladies were doing in the city of the lake that is salty!  Well let me tell you!  We left yesterday morning, embarking on our third annual summer Ladies Trip.  What a joy!

Our Ladies Trip, like last year, started off with a trip to the Salt Lake City Farmer's Market!  I love Farmer's Markets!  We bought some extremely delicious limeades which we couldn't even finish they were so limey.  But so delicious!  Now I want another one.

After the Farmer's Market, the mom ladies were tired and didn't want to hang out in the heat.  So they headed off to a movie while Kylie and I walked around the city and did some shopping!

It was after that that we all met up and went to Gilgal Garden and also Red Iguana for lunch.  I absolutely love that restaurant!  After our garden visit we all got a little bit tired so we just took a nap in the grass.  Because when it is Ladies Trip, you can do whatever the heck you want!

You can also spend and eat whatever the heck you want on Ladies Trip.  Hence the giant slice of cheesecake before we settled into our hotel!

The night consisted of sitting in a hot tub and then watching TLC.  Then the next morning we got breakfast and stopped by the Urban Flea Market!  I bought some fantastic (and fantasticly cheap, surprisingly) vintage dresses at that blessed event.

It was a really good weekend!  Short, but just enough time to get away and spend some time with the ladies.

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