Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Louisville Zoo

I was pretty excited about the SkillsUSA trip to the Louisville Zoo!  Surprised that our friends had no interest in such a thing, Bailey and I excitedly boarded the bus and ended up at one of the coolest zoos I've ever seen.

What made this zoo so cool was the setup.  With zoos, I've found that many are overwhelming because you don't know whether to turn left or right and then you wonder if you've missed something.  But this zoo was so linear!  There was a path to follow that took you to see everything.

I could have adjusted my aperture so you could see the animals too, but Bailey was much cuter so I didn't bother.

These little guys were SO CUTE.  I love how you can just see their personalities!

We tried to get a picture with the elephant, but apparently elephants can move faster than my selfie-taking speed.

Another cool thing about the zoo was its number of hands-on exhibits.  I really liked the goats because goats are my favorite!  We got to pet them, and this one tried to eat my name badge.  So adorable.

My favorite, though, was the aviary!  They gave each of us some nectar to enter with, and the birds came and sat on us while we fed them.  It was the coolest thing, and we didn't even get pooped on!

 Surprisingly, the heat wasn't even that bad.  I was nervous about the humidity, but I feel like I'm getting better at handling it.  And, this was in the evening so everything was cooling off anyway!  Nevertheless, the misting things were quite nice to stand under.

One more plus about this zoo was its lack of bad smells.  It smelled pretty normal.  And it was fun to see the Lego animal creations!

Overall it was a pretty fun time!  I'm glad that we were able to go, I definitely think it was worth seeing.  Now I will just leave you this picture of my turtle friend and I.

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