Monday, June 8, 2015

Rock Climbing

If you haven't noticed by now, my friends and I have grown quite the fondness for rock climbing!

Bailey and I decided that we might as well buy memberships because Groupon has some delicious deals going on.  Plus we found my dad's rock climbing gear in my basement, so we don't even have to pay for rentals!  I seriously love our harnesses from the 90s.

You can't see it in this picture, but my harness has a very 90s tribal print going on.  It's really something.  Something awesome.

We even found my dad's chalk.  We're not use to having such a thing, so every once in a while we just cover our hands with it (we always forget to while climbing!) and call ourselves pros.

I wouldn't say I'm very good at it, but I really love climbing!  It has been fun coming to this gym and finding myself getting better and better at it, tackling walls that I used to struggle on.

The gym we go to is called Hansen Mountaineering and it is just perfect!  It is pretty small, and usually completely empty.  We are used to having the gym to ourselves, to play our music and hang out on the futon or wherever!

So yeah.  Rock climbing is our new thing!  Now only if we knew how to outdoor rock climb...

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