Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I probably confuse my mom when I say that I'm going shooting, because it could mean one of three things.  Either I'm taking pictures, following Bailey around as he films videos, or shooting actual guns.  I do the first two things quite often, so it was fun to do a different kind of shooting for a change.  Bailey and Mike took me shooting, and though I've been many times with my family, I can't say I've ever been in the presence of this many guns!

Haha, I felt like a true Utahn.  Mike had bought spray paint, soda, and plenty of clays for us to shoot.  I've never known how to aim, so I've never been very good at shooting, but once Bailey pointed out that I've been closing the wrong eye all these years, I got much better!

It was a perfectly lovely evening.  It's nights like these that I don't mind country music, because I find it to be quite fitting.  We shot until we lost light, and then were sure to clean up all of our mess!

The only picture we have of Mike.  I thought it would be worth putting on here because I really do appreciate the fellow.

I had a nice time.  I do enjoy doing things that I don't ordinarily do.  And in good company especially!

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