Wednesday, June 3, 2015


After our little waterfall adventure on Sunday, Bailey decided that he needed some shoes suitable for water-related activities.  Taking inspiration from his middle aged scout leader, he decided to invest in some Tevas!  Of course, my Saltwater Sandals are an absolute dream and really do the job right, but why not take the opportunity to match with my boyfriend and channel my inner 90's kid?

I bought the most obnoxiously 90's pair that I could find, and I'm really digging Bailey's burnt orange sandals.  Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!

I can already tell that I'm going to love these sandals, even though so far I've only worn them to the grocery store, to a house that Seiji and Kylie want to buy, and on one hike.  They're so good for walking through water, and their support is surprisingly quality!  They're pretty good for hiking around, and not to mention extremely attractive.

Just thought I'd share the good word with you fellows.  Tevas are wonderful things that I recommend to all!  And hey, when you can get something right off of the Amazon, you know you can never go wrong.

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