Monday, June 22, 2015

The Convention Center

We spent most of the first day in the convention center, stetting things up and getting ready to compete tomorrow.  Oh, and just hanging out with people, of course!

We love G.

Setting up was more of a pain than we anticipated.  After waiting longer than we thought we'd have to, we finally tracked down the trailer containing the crates we made for transporting our display.

We set up our display, but could not get our TV to work!  We were prepared for most anything that could go wrong, but not for a burnt out TV.  We tried everything we could to get it working, and even tried getting a replacement TV.  But, there was simply not enough time, so we had to just deal with it.

After such events, we were pretty frustrated and exhausted.  But we did our best to get our energy back before opening ceremonies!

We went to opening ceremonies late because we had to take a backpack back to the hotel before they'd let us in.  I wasn't complaining, though.  I wasn't quite ready for the party that pre-opening ceremonies can be!  We did get there eventually.  And I slept through 45 minutes of it.

So that's our first day of Kentucky!  I do sure hope that the rest of the week is less frustrating and more fun.

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