Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July Camping

Our new 4th of July tradition is to head to the amazing Rogers Retreat in Fillmore, Utah for some quality camping!

My whole family was there along with Alli and Bailey, so the company was perfect.  We set up camp, which was actually just taking things from the vehicles to the cabin, and while we did so it started raining really hard!  We decided to camp out in the cabins for a little while as the rain cleared up.  Good thing my grandma had games to entertain us!

My adventurous uncle didn't let us hide out for long!  As the rain slowed down a little bit, he pulled up to our cabin to take us for a side by side ride.

It was a really fun ride, because Rob taught Alli how to drive!  She will be driving cars pretty soon here, but there's no need to fear because it would seem as if her natural driving abilities are quite good.

Bailey and I also got to drive, and afterwards we did several things that were just as fun, but I will share them with you tomorrow!  Because today is the 4th of July and so I have to tell you about Fillmore's amazing fireworks.  They seriously have the best show!  The whole town comes out to the park, but the whole town consists of so few people, there's tons of room for everyone.  My family and I set up our blankets right underneath the fireworks and got to just lay there and watch the pretty colors.  Here's some long exposures of the show.

Bailey and I rode back to camp in the back of my grandpa's truck.  We played some night games, then it was off to bed after such a fun day!

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