Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Day With Alli

My cousin Alli has become one of my very best friends!  It has been awesome being able to spend so much time with her this summer.  Yesterday we decided that she may as well come home with me after Obon practice for a quality sleepover.  We spent the night watching movies and eating ice cream!

Alli is a vegan these days and has an awesome Instagram page where she posts pictures of all the vegan things she makes and eats.  They always look so good, so Bailey had her show us how she makes a smoothie bowl!

I must say it was quite fruity and delicious!  It was my first time ever trying a passion fruit, and it was pretty good.  It was like candy!

After we were well nourished, we went to Hansen Mountaineering to climb some rocks.  It is always fun having someone along with us that we don't normally have, and Alli impressed us with her belaying skills and lack of fear when it comes to climbing!

We didn't spend so long there, considering that rock climbing is exhausting.

After we went to the gym, we got some Costa Vida, and then I had to go to work which is really sad.  But that is okay, because we had such a fun day!

Hehe awkward picture.

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