Friday, July 31, 2015

Bailey's Surgery

On our way to Nationals in June, Bailey noticed that his neck was hurting him when he bent it, and even when he swallowed.  We figured it was nothing , but several days later it was still hurting him, especially when he would wake up in the morning.  He felt his neck, and alas!  There was a small lump underneath his chin, right where he was hurting.  The lump got bigger over the course of a week, and it took me that long to convince him to see a doctor about it.

So, he saw the doctor, and the doctor gave him antibiotics, saying that it should just disappear.  After 10 days it was still there, so a CT scan was scheduled.  The CT scan told us nothing, and more antibiotics were prescribed.  They didn't do anything either.

After much confusion and a very interesting visit to the witch doctor, Bailey decided to get the lump surgically removed so they can get to the bottom of the problem.  And that surgery was today!

Bailey is so cute!  His surgery was supposed to be at 12, but then they told us not to come until 3, they were so backed up.  So we came at 3 but he didn't get in until 6!  Other than all of us being starving, it was really okay because we had a good time sitting around and talking.

The surgery went really well, Bailey was able to bounce back right away.  And his lump was tested, and is neither a cyst or lymphoma!  What a relief!  It was merely just an over-reactive lymph node.

So that is what has been happening lately.  Thank you everyone for their prayers, it is a huge blessing that Bailey is healthy and can even go on his mission in just a couple weeks!

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