Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cascade Springs

Seiji, Kylie, Bailey, and I wanted to go up the canyon today, but we didn't know quite what for.  I, of course, suggested a hike, but we soon decided that we didn't have the energy for it.  So we thought about a fire for dinner, or just a picnic, but then Seiji proposed that we go to Cascade Springs, which happens to be one of his and Kylie's favorite places!

We ate some dinner and then just walked around.  It was so beautiful!  I loved the clear springs and the moss covered rocks.

I took lots of long exposures, because Cascade Springs is the perfect place to do such a thing.

We went to the highest point of the springs, which Seiji said is definitely the cleanest.  I guess he likes to drink the water every time he goes, because it looks so delicious and pure.  Haha, Seiji is funny.  He was right that it looked delicious, though, so we all drank some water and hoped that it wouldn't poison us!

We proceeded on with our exploring and bench-sitting.

Eventually we decided to call it a night, and headed back to the car to make sure we didn't get a ticket after our canyon pass flew out the window, haha.  Luckily there was no ticket, so we enjoyed a lovely drive back home!

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