Thursday, July 16, 2015

Death Cab for Cutie Concert

I was pretty impressed that Salt Lake City's Twilight Concert Series got Death Cab for Cutie to perform!  Tickets went on sale a couple of months ago, so of course I jumped at the killer $5 deal to see my favorite band.  And the day finally came today!

I was pretty excited for this concert.  I saw them perform back in 2011, and they did super good.  I also saw Ben perform with The Postal Service last year, so I know that he puts on a good show.  And of course, tonight was no exception!

Yup, Death Cab played well and did great and all.  But you know, the concert itself wasn't that enjoyable considering the crowd.  You see, the concert being only $5, all the riffraff comes in even if they don't know who the band is.  I guess it is more of a summer festival party thing than a concert full of music nerds like I'm used to.  I think people just wanted a place to smoke their marijuan-ee and get drunk.

Nevertheless, I took some time to appreciate the band and their many talents!  I don't think I'm such a concert goer like I used to be, I found myself wishing I was home watching Harry Potter once or twice, but I'm still glad we went because if I didn't go I would have been sad!

Bailey thought we should get the whole concert experience and push towards the front, which was definitely an experience.  We escaped once we got tired of being squished up to sweaty, smoking hooligans, which wasn't very long haha.

We spent the rest of the evening standing next to a tree far away from the stage, which was definitely more comfortable.  We left before the encore to beat the crowds.  It was a pretty interesting evening, to say the least!

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