Monday, July 13, 2015

Favorites of the Past 2 Weeks

I love Obon practice!  Bailey came with me both times this year, and we were able to meet up with my aunts and cousins.  Definitely worth the drive to Salt Lake!
The chopsticks were cute so we had to buy them.

Bailey and I went to the temple!  Because of recent great things, for the first time ever Bailey was able to do the baptizing and confirming.  His mom took a picture to commemorate!

My aunt Christie always throws a great 4th of July party!  The food is delicious, and of course it is always fun to hang out with my cousins.  Bailey, Alli, and I went on a walk!

Bailey got me another plant!  I'm excited about this one because it is a desert plant.  I know how to keep desert plants alive!

What a beautiful watermelon sculpture, carved by Bailey.  Awhhh.

Bailey and I went to the Salt Lake City Farmers Market!  It was so fun!  We ate delicious food there and spent lots of time looking around.  Bailey bought a bunch of heirloom tomatoes to try, and they were so good!

We went to Tyler's farewell!  He is off to Jamaica!  That is hard to believe, but I guess it's about time for us all to grow up.

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