Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, Eths!

Today is Ethan's birthday!  And though he is in China, he is not forgotten.  Therefore, I think I'll post a picture of him and I here (one that explains our friendship) and follow it with a most beautiful ode.

Oh Ethan, my Asian brother
Your friendship has been like none other
We met in fifth grade, a long time ago
When both of us still had time to grow

You and I were friends from the start
And I swore I'd never met anyone so smart
Fifth grade turned into sixth, and our friendship remained
And many more pals, we along the way gained

Then Jr. High came, and we were still tight
The years went by, then high school was in sight
All through these times, you helped me learn
Even when my competency in math took a turn

Without you, AP Calc I'd have failed
Or the very least, I'd have early on bailed
But you always were willing to encourage and assist
And help me catch up on things that I'd missed

Academics are not all you've changed for me
Your role as a friend was more important than I could foresee
Because as friends came and went these past years
You were always there as one of my closest peers

Our friendship is of the most sibling-like way
As we can do the most random things together, and enjoy the day
Like how we could probably go get food nine times a week
Or talk about running, or the Ancient Greek

I've cherished our friendship and the fun times we've had
When you leave on your mission, I'll surely be sad
But I'll always remember the cool person you've been
You are of the most quality men!

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