Saturday, July 25, 2015

Huntington, Utah

Bailey and I decided that we should go visit his grandpa in Huntington, Utah.  Of course, why go on a road trip if you don't plan on stopping anywhere on the way?  We stopped at a strange little "treasure" shop where I bought an Indian blanket, and also two antique stores that I really liked looking at.

We got to Huntington in a timely manner, that is, after going the wrong way for 15 or so miles.  We visited his grandparents and some of his cousins, then took his grandpa's side by side to pick up some milk!  Haha, it was really quite the experience for me to learn about small-town living.  It was so quiet there, and riding around in side by sides is pretty normal.  Yay for no traffic!

Bailey took me to see what there is to see in Huntington, Utah.  He's pretty familiar with the place, having spent lots of time there throughout his lifetime.  To no surprise, there was lots of desert to see!

We took a minute to just sit in silence and listen to the absolute quiet.  It was very peaceful and quite beautiful, yet it was a little bit unsettling.  I'm not used to so much quiet!

We went back and hung out with his grandparents before we left.  We decided to take a different way home, which was recommended to us during our visit.  And holy cow it was gorgeous!  When I was told we could drive through a canyon, I was expecting something more deserty.  But it was lush and green, and full of lakes and streams!  Bailey and I had to stop to do a little bit of exploring.

I'm telling you, it is a great idea to wear Saltwater Sandals or Tevas at all times because you never know when you will come across water!  We spent quite some time hanging out in the forest, walking on logs and picking wildflowers.

But soon enough, we were on our way again!  We were held up a little bit by a very social flock of sheep.  We baahhh-ed with them for a bit before a guy on a horse came and cleared them away!  I really liked those sheep.  And the dogs were cool too.

Eventually we made it home, thus marking the end of our adventures!  It was a completely full day, but I liked it quite well.  Quite well indeed.

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