Sunday, July 5, 2015

More Camping Fun

One of my favorite activities of this camping trip were the 4-wheeler rides!  Rob let us borrow his 4-wheelers, and luckily Bailey is a pro at driving such things.  So we went on several rides!

We also got to do some shooting.  I really love shooting, and I'm glad that we could teach Alli to shoot!

I'm so amazed with how cool this campground is.  My uncle did such a great job!  An extra applause goes to the outhouses, which smell like nothing at all, are well lit, and perfectly clean.  Oh, and super cute.

He made it so that it is comfortable for us all to just hang around camp!  We spent lots of time under the pavilion, where we ate delicious food, played games, and watched some quality skits...

We could not get untangled, but my grandma assured us that there is a way.  Too bad she forgot the way!

Overall, we had such a fun weekend!  I love camping!

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