Monday, July 6, 2015

Pine Creek

How could you go camping without going hiking?  We were about to head home when my uncle proposed a little hike.  Of course we couldn't say no, so my parents took a nap while Bailey, Alli, and I ventured off!

We had to go on a half hour drive to the trailhead.  But no complaints - the path was beautiful and riding in side by sides is always fun!

We eventually reached the trailhead, and were off hiking!

The trail was beautiful!  It followed Pine Creek, which was so green and wet looking.  I liked it.

The whole trail was really pretty!  It was kind of funny, because for parts of it we kind of had to blaze our own trail.  We got a little lost at times, but as long as we were moving down the mountain, we knew we were good!

The trail ended up being much longer than we anticipated, but we persevered.

Eventually we could hear my grandma Tarzan calling to us, so we finished up our hike through lots of little lizards, and ended after about 4 miles!  Haha, Rob had told us it was only 2 miles, so it was twice as long as we expected, but we enjoyed every bit of it!

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