Thursday, July 23, 2015

Scout Falls

I have this great friend named Sister Draper who I adore very much.  I basically want to be her when I grow up, because she is always going on the prettiest hikes.  She is such an adventurer!  A month or so ago I asked her what some good hikes are, and one of the hikes she suggested was Scout Falls.  Bailey and I saw the turnoff for it on the Timpanooke trailhead when we hiked to the top of Timp earlier this month, and I freaking loved that hike so I thought we should do it today!  But this time with some of our favorite ladies.

1.25 miles to a waterfall does not seem like a lot of hiking, but it took us a surprising amount of time!  No complaints though - it was absolutely gorgeous out there!

We climbed up a couple of little waterfalls, saw a snake, and took a few small breaks.

Finally we made it to the waterfall!  It was so pretty!

I think that Stewart Falls is my favorite waterfall hike, but I do love waterfalls in general so I really liked visiting this one.  There weren't good places to hang out in the water, really, so we just took a few pictures before we proceeded back to the trail!

On our hike back, Bailey picked me a wildflower bouquet.  I love wildflowers so much!  I thought it was cute.

Eventually we made it back to the car for a nice drive home down the canyon.  It was a great morning!

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Angee said...

You are so great Madi! Yeah for successful hiking adventures.

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