Friday, July 10, 2015

To the Top of Timp

I hiked Timp last October and I thought it was beautiful, but hiking it in the summer is a completely different experience!

Having the day off work, Bailey and I decided not to waste it, so we set off to do this hike that we've wanted to do together.  15 miles up and down Timpanogos, and it was amazing!  Everything was so green, and the wildflowers were so magical.

We had to stop many times to get pictures, because I couldn't get over how pretty it was out there.

The hike started out as the perfect temperature, then it got a little bit hot, then it got a little bit cold... then it started storming!  Before we knew it, we were hiking in a thundery rainstorm.  We watched the mist and rain-filled clouds spill over different peaks, but decided that it was safe enough to proceed.  Good thing we had our ponchos!

It really is quite a long hike, but I feel like it is doable for any sort of person because it is always okay to take breaks!  Bailey and I took plenty, even if it was just to sit and admire the view.

After much trial and tribulation, we reached the top!  We got lost near the shack, but we did find it and were of course proud.  So we wrote our names inside.

We didn't stay there for long, because what do you even do up there?  It was cold, so we hurried back to the sunny meadows that weren't actually sunny.  But they were much less windy than the peak!  On our way we saw a couple of mountain goats.  We didn't know if they were dangerous or not, so we kept our distance as much as we could.  But they were so cool!  I feel like these were some dang sophisticated mountain goats.

Can you see them?

Accidentally pointing at one of the few spots of snow left.

We soon reached near the bottom, which I think is the prettiest part of the hike.  The wildflowers, as mentioned, were my absolute favorite!

I enjoyed how dense the trail was, I liked being completely surrounded by the most breathtaking nature.

How blessed we are to live in such a beautiful place!  Today was so amazing, there's something about being in the mountains that makes me feel so happy.  And being with Bailey made it even better!

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Angee said...

So cool! I have never seen mountain goats in Utah and have wanted to. I have only hike Timp once and the goats didn't come say hi. Ugh.

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